Top Gun Tennis Academy

Old Henry Location


1800 Elite Blvd.
Louisville, KY 40223

Springhurst Tennis Club

Springhurst Location


4109 Simcoe Lane
Louisville, KY, 40241

Facility Rates


Our facility offers private and group lessons from each member of our professional teaching staff.   We do not charge a membership fee.  Tennis is open to the public. 

Private One Hour Member Lessons rates are as follows:

24 hour cancellation policy for all private & group lessons. See front desk for group rates.   Call (502) 412-2950 if you are interested in private lessons. 

Member / Non-member

Greg Combs $76

Michael O'shea $76

Brian Martin $75

William Hughes $75

Rex Ecarma $75

Parker Gregory $80

Ian Deiters  $80

Tyler Cook $75

Eric Quigley $78

Robyn White $82

Seona Currie $76

Chelsea Moore $72

Team/Program Fees   

Team and Program fees are required for all rostered players on adult River City & practicing USTA Teams.  Program fees are also applicable for the following junior programs:  Future Stars Green Ball Invitation,  TGA Advanced, and TGA Select.   Fees are seasonal and run from September - May each year.  Packages are available for multiple teams or family members.   All fees are subject to 6% Kentucky Sales Tax.   There are NO refunds or pro-rating of the Team/Program Fees. 
PACKAGES (include team/program fees as listed per season)
Platinum Package:  $150.00 per season      PURCHASE PLATINUM PACKAGE

-- includes all family members for unlimited teams/programs

Gold Package:  $99.00 per season     PURCHASE GOLD PACKAGE

-- includes unlimited teams/programs for two family members

Silver Package:  $85.00 per season     PURCHASE SILVER PACKAGE 

-- includes unlimited teams/programs for one individual 


River City Roster Fee    Pay RCRL Team Fee  $75.00
USTA Team Roster Fee    Pay USTA Team Fee $25.00
TGA Junior Program Fee    Pay TGA Junior Program Fee $35.00

Tennis Court Time Fees

Indoor Tennis Court Time $46.00/hour plus 6% Kentucky Sales Tax
Junior Walk-On Court Time & Adult Monthly Pass - see information below.  Fees are subject to 6% Kentucky Sales Tax
Junior Walk-on Pass:   $99.00 per year/per junior.   Must be 18 years or younger.   Same day booking only.  Applies ONLY to your portion of the court time.   All others must pay their portion of the court time.  Expiration is one year from date of purchase.      PURCHASE JUNIOR WALK-ON PASS

Family Junior Walk-on Pass:  $150.00 per year/family.   Must be 18 year or younger.  Same day booking only.   Applies to all JUNIOR family members.   All others must pay their portion of the court time.   Expiration is one year from date of purchase.     PURCHASE FAMILY JUNIOR WALK-ON PASS

Monthly Court Pass:   $80.00 per month / $650.00 per year.   Applies to pass holders portion of court time charge only.  Valid for court bookings within 7 days in advance.  Court bookings for monthly court pass are limited to 2 hours per day.    Expiration is one month / one year from date of purchase.  PURCHASE MONTHLY COURT PASS.

Ball Machine Rental:  $10.00/hour plus 6% Kentucky Sales Tax  (Applicable court time will also be charged with ball machine rental) 

Ball Machine Pass:  10 hours for $275.00 (includes ball machine use & court time)   PURCHASE BALL MACHINE PASS

Adult Fast Feed Clinics:  $22.00 for 1.5 hour clinic -  See Fast Feed Schedule & Registration at Tennis.Adult 

Adult Fast Feed Clinic Pass:  10 clinics for $190.00     PURCHASE FAST FEED CLINIC PASS

3 hour cancellation policy for all booked court time

Team Tennis Practice Fees (River City & USTA) 

Contact Daniel at or 502-412-2950 for additional information regarding team practices 

Monthly Team Practices (1.5 hours) 

2 courts / 2 pros:  $250.00 per week

1 court / 1 pro:     $135.00 per week

Pay Per Week Team Practices (1.5 hours)

2 courts / 2 pros:   $265.00 per week

1 court / 1 pro:      $155.000 per week 

Multi-Sport Rental

Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal 

$65.00 per hour per court plus 6% Kentucky Sales tax

Pickleball Rental

$20.00 per hour court rental  - visit our Pickleball page for details