Top Gun Tennis Academy

Old Henry Location


1800 Elite Blvd.
Louisville, KY 40223

Springhurst Tennis Club

Springhurst Location


4109 Simcoe Lane
Louisville, KY, 40241



All players MUST wear a mask or face shield while playing pickleball


PICKLEBALL COURTS WILL RETURN ON MONDAY OCTOBER 19th !    We will finally be able to reopen some of our Permanent Pickleball courts!


  • · Masks are required at all times, even while playing pickleball 
  • · No more than 6 players are allowed on the court at any time
  • · Social distancing is required when you are off the court
  • · Do not enter the volleyball areas
  • · Not following the protocols can result in shutting the courts down completely


Court Reservations: $20.00 per hour per court

RESERVATION REQUEST FORM   - this link is the ONLY way to reserve a pickleball court currently 

Friday January 22nd from 12:30pm through Monday January 25th we will NOT have Pickleball courts available on the dedicated courts due to a volleyball tournament.   We will have the tennis courts available with taped pickleball courts on Friday afternoon through Sunday.    The Pickleball courts will be available again at 5:00pm Monday Jan. 25th 

  • · Opening 3 permanent pickleball courts on October 19th, 2020
  • · Court reservations will be available Monday – Friday from 8:00am-9:00pm , Saturday & Sunday 8:00am-7:00pm (subject to availability).
  • · Courts MUST be reserved in advance by using the reservation request link above - there is no other way to reserve a court at this time.
  • · Permanent court reservations can be made for by contacting Chris Mather at Prepayment of the reserved court time is mandatory for Permanent court reservations.
  • · Pickleball passes still apply for $3.00 off your personal charge for court time.
  • · Maximum of 6 players can be on each court.

Lessons: $60.00 per hour

  • · Pickleball lessons for private and group instruction are available. Please contact Rex Ecarma at 502-262-5260 to set up your Pickleball lessons.

Pickleball Extravaganzas