Top Gun Tennis Academy

Old Henry Location


1800 Elite Blvd.
Louisville, KY 40223

Springhurst Tennis Club

Springhurst Location


4109 Simcoe Lane
Louisville, KY, 40241


Louisville, Kentucky

The Tennis Club at Springhurst and Top Gun Tennis Academy are Kentucky's leaders in USTA Sanctioned Tournaments for adults and juniors. All tournament registration is done through USTA Tennis Link and the registration link is provided for each tournament. If you have any questions regarding our tournaments, please email Chris Mather at

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10200 Champion Farms Dr, Louisville, KY 40241
(502) 429-9293

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Upcoming Sanctioned Tournaments

Kentucky Junior Open -- KY Level 2, Southern Level 4, YTP Green and Orange

May 19-20, 2018

Ranked Boys' & Girls' Singles: 78' Yellow Ball 12-18 (FICQ)
Ranked Boys' & Girls' 10 and Under Doubles: 78' Green Ball 10 (FICQ)
Ranked Boys' & Girls' Doubles: 78' Yellow Ball 12-18 (SE)
Green Level 1 Boys' & Girls' 10 and Under Singles: 78' Green Ball 10 (FICQ)
Boys' & Girls' 10 and Under Doubles: 60' Orange Ball 10 (SE)