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Training Program

Louisville, Kentucky

The Louisville Sports Academy offers High Performance Training Programs for athletes looking to improve their game and take their tennis skills to the next level. Our High Performance Training Program is led by Corey Taylor's Sports Performance.

Corey Taylor's Sports Performance is the authority in sports performance training in the Kentuckiana area. Coach Corey Taylor has amassed a vast amount of experience throughout his career with over 10 years in the field; training hundreds of athletes from the youth level to the professional ranks has made him one of the leading experts in the field of strength and conditioning.

Recognized for his straightforward, motivating training methods with the perfect combination of discipline and passion, Corey has the knowledge to help athletes attain results not only on the local level, but also nationally, and professionally. Corey is not just experienced as a coach, he was an elite athlete; therefore, his connection with his clients is immediate. As an athlete himself, he understands what his clients are experiencing mentallty, physically, and psychologically.

Corey Taylor's Sports Performance offers:

  • High Performance Training for athletes of all sports
  • Adult Boot Camps
  • Group and Private Training

Contact Corey Taylor for additional information.

Phone: 502.472.7202